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We are the BUGEATERS FC, a men's semi-pro soccer team based in Nebraska. Bugeaters FC compete in the United States Amateur Soccer Association (USASA) at the 4th level of US Soccer.

We are a community based club focusing on the development of both collegiate and local elite athletes.



The name Bugeaters was a nickname given to Nebraskans in the late 19th century. It is said that there was a plague and the grasshoppers ate all of the crops and Nebraskans only had bugs to eat.

Bugeaters FC compete at the highest amateur level of soccer in the United States. 


We believe that we can enhance fan (and community) value by focusing a match day on family fun and the development of local athletes and youth both on and off the pitch. 


Bugeaters FC offers local fans an opportunity to celebrate the culture of soccer.

It also offers local talent the next step to becoming a pro athlete and possibly represent at the international level.