Bugeaters FC


We are the BUGEATERS FC, a men's semi-pro soccer team based in Nebraska. Bugeaters FC compete in the United States Amateur Soccer Association (USASA) at the 4th level of US Soccer.

We are a community based club focusing on the development of both collegiate and local elite athletes.


Atlantic City to host Bugeaters in its inaugural match alongside multi-season commitment.

Atlantic City, New Jersey - Feb. 6, 2018 - Atlantic City’s new minor league soccer team, Atlantic City FC, and the Nebraska Bugeaters FC, have announced a multi-season commitment to play a match dubbed the Surf & Turf Derby.  On Saturday, May 5, 2018, Atlantic City will host the Bugeaters in its inaugural match.  This pre-season match will help the club prepare its debut season in the NPSL.

“We are excited to host the Bugeaters in this inaugural match,” club Founder Andrew Weilgus said. “It is exciting to have such a fantastic partner with like ambitions play here.”

Lincoln based Bugeaters are slated to begin play in 2018 as well and will compete in the UPSL.

Jonathan Collura, Founder of the Bugeaters said, “It’s exciting to be involved in Atlantic City FC’s history.  Andrew and I are mutually aligned with each club’s vision that we have and there may be additional business that we team up on.”

The match coincides with graduation weekend at Stockton University and there will be a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

“This is a family event and we look forward to hosting an exciting match day both on and off of the field.” Weilgus added, “Jonathan and I are both entrepreneurs and when we met in Philadelphia, the wheels went in motion to find a way to build a lasting partnership.  The mutual community focus was the launch pad and we have some exciting concepts in discussion.”

Surf & Turf Derby tickets will be $11 with $1 of each tickets being donated to local youth programs.

Tim Pendrell